42nd Symposium on Hormones and Cell Regulation European Society of Endocrinology

Ion Channels in Hormonal Homeostasis :
Transient Receptor Potential Channels and Calcium Signaling

Mont Ste Odile (France)

October 4th-7th, 2017

 Topics of the Symposium :

 Over the past decade transient receptor potential (TRP) cation channels gained broad recognition as versatile cellular sensors and effectors fulfilling salient roles in development, metabolism, and body homeostasis. This symposium aims to open a TRP window into endocrinology, and we have invited an international faculty of leading scientists that will present their most recent results on the roles of TRP channels in hormone-secreting cells, in hormone-controlled mineral and glucose homeostasis, in neurohumoral control of cardiovascular function and reproduction and in neural networks which control reproductive behavior and energy metabolism.

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